KERBHOLZ watch is more than just a fashion accessory: for all our KERBHOLZ mens and womens wooden watches we exclusively use natural wood and obstruct high quality Quartz watch mechanisms only. The watches have a sealing ring and a special glue to protect them against the damage of splashed water. The corpus of the watches is made of wood and inlcudes a metal plate at the back, manufactured out of high-grade steel. A natural vanish shields every wooden wrist watch from humidity and adverse weather as the colours tend to darken over. They will thus get a nice patina (comparable to leather products) which gives every wooden watch its unique look. All watch models are vegan except for those that have real, high quality leather watch bands. The KERBHOLZ wooden watches are produced ecologically worthwhile, they are your long-term sustainable companion and embody the KERBHOLZ philosophy: combining modern trendy looks, contemporary classics, timeless products and award-wininng designs.